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Tanagui's primary focus is to help women over 40 get the job they want. I'm passionate about working with women who:

can't figure out how to get back into the workforce.

are looking for more opportunity, for the next step on their career path.

are ready to pivot careers.

My passion runs further as I enjoy supporting them through this process so they get that cherished position as they stand out in the crowd. When a client is able to present themselves with the confidence to succeed, to answer the hard questions with finesse and grace and step into their new career it makes my heart sing. I truly enjoy helping them get what they want.

Helen D. Sanchez

My background includes over forty years working in recruiting, education in Women and Gender Studies, as well as African American Studies. In addition, I am a Certified Coach Graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

I decided to work with women over 40 after my own personal experience in the workplace. Even today, women face diminishing value in the workplace after 40. They face many challenges and I want to give them the tools to overcome those challenges. I received the Alice Paul Award for Activism and am a member of the Honor Society in Women & Gender Studies.

 When I'm not working with candidates or creating tools for job search services, I am passionate about my children, grandchildren, furry children, reading and photography.

Helen Sanchez, Tanagui LLC Member of NJAWBO

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Tanagui's primary focus is to offer services that result in breakthrough resume and interview mastery for women over 40. Our focus is on women returning to the workplace, feeling stuck or seeking new careers.

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