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Women Navigating the Path to the C-Suite

Navigating the Path to the C-Suite

Women and the C-Suite Executives who occupy the C-Suite influence all aspects of a business and can make a significant impact. The C-Suite remains a goal for many women in the professional arena. However, the journey there can be quite challenging for women and their success requires a steadfast determination. Long gone are the days of job postings stating, “no women need apply.” Still, there is no doubt that women experience gender discrimination in their […]

The power of networking -

Never Underestimate The Power Of Networking

Networking for a job Networking for a job is so important to your job search that it deserves to have a great deal of your attention. Don’t underestimate its importance as a job search technique. Anytime you meet someone it is an opportunity to expand your network by getting to know them and by sharing yourself. Each time you network there is a possibility that you will connect to another network. Research shows that a […]

Woman leaping over abyss to a new job - Employment gaps are not deadly - Tanagui

Employment Gaps Are Not Deadly

There are different reasons that one might have an employment gap on their resume. You may have decided to be a stay-at-home mom, you may have been a caregiver or you may have been a victim of downsizing. Whatever the reason, employment gaps can be addressed honestly when conducting a job search. Define Your Skills During the time period that you are not employed, you can gain new skills or insure existing skills stay sharp […]